NCU Hacker Interface

NCU Hacker Interface
NCU stands for Nano Controlling Unit. All NCU's have an area called 'overflow'. This is where superfluous nanobots are stored, until they can be utilized, although most modern Nano Programs produce no more than the exact amount of bots needed for the program. This means that many of us carry around large areas of NCU that could have been filled with useful bots. The Hacker Interface effectively commands all types of 'roaming' bots into this area to aid your various nano skills. Using a hacker interface is generally considered an illegal action, and there is a 0,012 percent chance that the NCU will blow, but it's a risk most Fixers are ready to take. NOTE: The Interface must be upgraded manually to follow the advancement of the user. Right-click on it to do so when you raise in level.
VisibleFlag, NoDrop
Carry, Wear, Use, CanBeWornWithSocialArmor


  • UserLevel>= 0And
  • UserProfession== Fixer
  • UserLevel>= 1And
  • UserProfession== Fixer


  • WearerModifySpaceTime1
  • WearerModifyMaterialCreation1
  • WearerModifyPsychologicalModification1
  • WearerModifyBiologicalMetamorphosis1
  • WearerModifyMaterialMetamorphosis1
  • WearerModifySensoryImprovement1
  • WearerDestroyItem
  • WearerSpawnItemACG