Remains of AESA 10

Remains of AESA 10
AESA stands for Advanced Emotionally Sensitive Andoid. The series was originally designed to be pets for children and elders, but they were soon used also for other purposes, in fields like psychiatry, sociology, zoology, the sex industry, games and sports, hospitals, schools Etc.The main problem with the AESA was that they soon were 'emotionally burnt out' and did no longer serve their purpose as attentive assistants. The AESA series 10 was supposed to be able to repair this with the introduction of the 'Forgetful Module'. This module would make the robot forget stressfull situations - so that it would never be 'filled up' with impressions.The prototypes worked well and the series 10 was put into production on Rubi-Ka, but there was a bug with it. The AESA 10 would not only forget stressfull situations - it would also forget factual information, like who its owner was, where its 'home' was and other relative input. The androids became afraid and mad and fled all human community. Many AESA's were lost before the model was recalled, but you only rarely find remains of them.
VisibleFlag, NoDrop
Carry, Wear


  • UserComputer Literacy>= 749And
  • UserProfession== TraderOr
  • UserProfession== FixerOr
  • UserProfession== Engineer


  • WearerModifyWeaponSmithing9
  • WearerModifyBreakingEntry6
  • WearerModifySpaceTime3