Codex Clavis

Codex Clavis
These are the remnants of the Codex Clavis; a collection of lore concerning the origins and functions of many of the immortal beings in the Shadowlands. It is often self-contradicting and confusing. All in all it doesn't seem to be very reliable. Some excerpts:Verse 41: But when the First of Xan reached the core of the source, a being materialized at the heart of the well. At the very same moment a rift appeared and split time in two. Creatures of chaos, that originated in times before time was tamed, started eating at the brinks. Then the being opened its eyes and a silence fell over the newly created Shadowlands. This being was the Fisher King, the entity that later turned into The Beast, the Keeper of the Source.Verse 49: But when the crowd had grown weary of trying to open the lid, a young boy appeared. He was Merlin. He thrust the sword through the lid and the source poured through him. He had been chosen, and Ergo immediately set him to guard the source.Verse 73: As they opened the twentieth vein a crack in time appeared. Boys turned to old men in the blink of an eye, and blood poured from the sky. The old world and the new were split in twain forever, but worse of all: The Fisher King was dead.Verse 117: When the Xan had set the wounded men to secure the free flow from the source, these men gathered the best warriors among the Xan, and sat the chosen Arthur to lead them. Among the first were Gawain with the Green Shield, Galahad the White Stag, Red Hand Mordred, Morgaine the Riddle-Maker, Merlin Ambrosius and Ergo the Smith.Verse 195: The Fisher King was one with the land. As the land was torn apart, so was he. Eight times a new hero sacrificed him or herself to keep the King alive - and he was no longer one soul, but eight. Before he had the body of twenty, now he also had the mind of eight.Verse 204: Ergo chose twenty Knights, each raised from the lands, each from separate houses. He set them to protect the trees, never to leave their posts, and in return for their services they gained immortality.Verse 232: Then the Xan realized they could not separate King Arthur from the heart of the source, and they started building Ergo, to protect the land and the veins. His knights abandoned him and for aeons he was left alone, to grow mad and corrupted with only one wish left: To be able to die. But the source kept him there, and nobody came to relieve him.Verse 248: So they gathered their finest knights around them and let them bathe in the source. They then gave them the keys to the arks and sent them away, each in their own direction.Verse 261: Nyame wished no longer to speak with him. The Xan sacrificed their finest treasures, to no avail; the lands could never be brought together again, and the age of Xan had come to its end.
VisibleFlag, HasMultipleCount, Unique, HasDamage, DisableStatelCollision
Carry, Wear


  • UserProfession== Nano-TechnicianAnd
  • UserPsychic>= 799And
  • UserExpansion Shadow Lands


  • WearerModifyNanoC.Init10
  • WearerModifyMaterialCreation10
  • WearerModifyIntelligence10