Xan Ritual Scepter

Xan Ritual Scepter
This finely crafted scepter seems to be made of a solid golden material but feels incredibly light in the hand, almost as if it has no density of any kind. It is carved with a series of Xan symbols that run in three hoops around its shaft.Each ring of symbols seems to have been decorated at some point with different colors of paint, but time has worn it away and only specks of the colors remain. The middle ring can still be made out as having been blue, but the rest are not discernable.Jobe research scientists have uncovered several later examples of similar staffs in Yuttos culture. Unfortunately none of the existing Yuttos elders were old enough to remember the last time the staffs had been used and refused the researchers request to try and use them.
VisibleFlag, HasMultipleCount, NoDrop, Unique, DisableStatelCollision
Carry, Use, Eat


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